Obtain Institutional Review Board Approval

Part 1: due September 22, 2017

Submit Application for Institutional Review Board Exemption or Approval

In order to administer the MISO Survey on your campus you must obtain approval from your Institutional Review Board (IRB), a campus committee that oversees the use of human and animal subjects in research. This is a federal requirement for conducting research projects such as the MISO Survey. Research that has not received IRB approval cannot be published.

Although the deadline for submitting proof of IRB approval isn’t until November, you should begin the process of obtaining approval at once since it may take as long as several months to complete the process. Web-based surveys are generally approved by campus IRB committees, so this should not be a difficult process – just one that may take some time. Your IRB committee’s website probably contains instructions for seeking approval.

To help you with this process, the MISO website provides information for inclusion in your IRB application.

Part 2: due November 17, 2017

Submit Documentation of Institutional Review Board Exemption or Approval

Before the MISO Survey can be administered on your campus, you must provide documentation of either approval or an exemption from your IRB. This documentation will generally come in the form of a letter from your IRB’s chair. Please forward a PDF version of this letter to your liaison when you receive it.

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