Submit Information Sharing Agreement

Due July 14, 2017

Every school participating in this survey must sign the Information Sharing Agreement (ISA). This agreement governs:

  • survey participation fees
  • ownership of survey data
  • delivery of survey results
  • disclosure and distribution of survey results

The ISA should be signed by a senior leader at your institution – usually your CIO and/or your Librarian – with the right to formalize your institution’s commitment to participate in the MISO Survey. We recommend that you review the ISA with your CIO and/or Librarian before identifying the individual that will sign the document.

Please be aware that while only one representative from your institution is needed to sign the Agreement, the success of the MISO Survey at your institution depends on the cooperation of the IT and library organizations in this effort. If you are unsure which individual at your institution should sign the ISA, consult with your MISO Survey Team liaison. The signed ISA document should be emailed to your liaison in PDF format. Please contact your liaison if you wish to fax the ISA or send it through the mail.

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