CSA Job Description

The individual designated as Campus Survey Administrator (CSA) plays a critical role in the success of the MISO Survey on your campus. The CSA acts as the primary point of contact between your institution and the MISO Survey Team, manages all aspects of Survey preparation at your institution, serves as the primary resource for members of your campus community regarding their participation in the Survey, and leads the review and analysis of your Survey results. ¬†Preparations for the Survey take place during the Fall semester, the Survey is administered early in the Spring semester, and review of your results begins in late Spring.¬† Campus Survey Administrators are expected to be available the week before the survey’s launch, as well as during the first and second weeks of the survey’s administration.

Duties of the Campus Survey Administrator

  • Prepare to administer the Survey by reading the material on the MISO website and consulting with your MISO Team liaisons.
  • Discuss the Survey with your organization’s management team and governance groups on campus to gain their support and assistance.
  • Submit a proposal to the Institutional Review Board about the Survey.
  • Provide documentation of IRB approval or exemption to the MISO Team.
  • Work with appropriate managers and leaders at your institution to review each question carefully, determine which optional questions to include, select the proper customizations when required, and develop local questions if needed.
  • Complete all Survey preparation deliverables, working in collaboration with your MISO Team liaisons.
  • Review and approve your Survey instruments.
  • Coordinate with your email administrator regarding technical preparations for the Survey, including the bulk sending of messages.
  • Provide the names and email addresses for your faculty, staff, and students to MISO Survey Administrators.
  • Respond to messages and requests from members of your campus community invited to participate in the Survey.
  • Submit institutional data used in analysis of the Survey results.
  • After the survey, participate in the analysis of your results, interpret the information gained from the Survey,¬† and communicate these findings within your campus community.