Population Selection

Participating institutions may choose to survey one or more of the following populations:

  • Active teaching faculty
  • Enrolled full-time undergraduate students (excluding anyone age 17 and younger)
  • Staff that have email addresses (excluding library staff, IT staff, and merged information services organization staff)

Your institution may also opt to survey an additional campus population, such as graduate students, participants in adult education programs, or members of some other group that is unique to your institution.  Institutions that choose to survey additional campus populations will be subject to an additional fee of $800.  Data gathered from these respondents will be provided to your institution but not included in the overall report of MISO Survey findings.

For larger institutions, we can sample a portion of your population that will deliver statistically meaningful results. Let us know if this is an option you are interested in for your institution.

Also, we now offer the opportunity to use a split sample technique for $200 per survey population. With this special survey technique, you may split optional questions among the survey participants of a given population at your institution. All participants will be asked the MISO Survey’s few required questions, but the optional items will be spread among three separate survey instruments for a population. This will make a shorter survey for each participant while allowing you to ask more questions to provide you with the data you need to make decisions about the services your institution offers.