Choosing the MISO Survey

Why Choose the MISO Survey?

Academic libraries and technology departments choose assessment tools for a variety of reasons, and the MISO Survey, developed collaboratively and managed by a volunteer group of academic practitioners, allows flexibility and comparability across peer institutions while delivering high response rates. Since 2005, the survey has been administered at 170 institutions, and has grown beyond its original liberal arts college base into an instrument used by a wide array of institutions, including some of the largest R1 schools.

Make it Work for You

MISO has eliminated required questions (except demographics), allowing institutions to select only the items they wish to measure. Whether you want a survey that measures a broad range of library and technology services, or a survey that targets a very specific service point, you are able to do so using MISO. Because the MISO survey administrators test every item in our survey instruments, you can have confidence in the MISO Survey’s validity. Institutions can customize questions to reflect local terminology and even add locally developed questions.

Measure Academic Impact

The MISO Survey enables institutions to gather data about how important library and technology services and infrastructure are for students, faculty, and staff as well as the level of satisfaction with these services. Recognizing that satisfaction data, while very useful, provides an incomplete picture of the academic impact of these services and resources, the MISO Survey has introduced a set of questions designed specifically to measure the academic impact of services as reported by students and faculty.

Cost Effective, Hands-On Help

The cost to participate was reduced by 10% for 2021-22 and remains at that reduced rate for 2022-23.

As always, your registration includes timely training and expert support from the dedicated MISO Survey team as you plan, build, and administer your surveys, as well as when you interpret your survey results. Benchmarking and analysis are made easier through our MISO Survey Results workbooks.