Timing and Administering Your Survey

The following provides information on the steps involved in implementing the MISO Survey on your campus.

The MISO Survey runs in the spring of your academic year.

Preparation starts almost a year earlier with the call to participate in the late spring and early summer of the year before you run the survey. This is the time where your institution can express interest in participating, ask questions, and commit to running the survey the next spring by completing and submitting our Information Sharing Agreement (ISA).

Over the summer you sign our agreement, appoint a Campus Survey Administrator (CSA), the primary liaison between your University/College and MISO. Your CSA begins to participate in online workshops and using published MISO resources to begin planning the survey.

In the Fall semester your CSA leads you in numerous activities including, getting permission from your IRB to carry out the survey, leading your organizations in choosing populations to survey, creating the drafts of campus messages to be used in the spring, designing your custom survey and translating those decisions into the MISO decision spreadsheet, and working with the MISO team to approve draft surveys.

As your winter term begins you work with MISO to obtain necessary email lists of survey participants, ensure that spam filtering settings are set properly, participate in a dress rehearsal and then your survey is implemented and open for 12 days.

Results for your institution are generally available within a couple of weeks, and aggregated results are available for comparison later in the spring.