Survey Preparation Timeline

Milestones for 2022–2023

This timeline is meant to help you prepare to administer the MISO Survey on your campus early in your spring semester. The MISO Survey Team will offer online workshops during the fall semester to share critical information and context about these milestones. Please do your best to stick to this schedule, as it will make you better prepared to take full advantage of the MISO Survey at your institution. If you have any questions about these milestones, please email the MISO Survey Operations Manager.

July 2022


  • Submit Information Sharing Agreement (ISA)

  • Assign Campus Survey Administrator (CSA)


August 2022


  • Register for online preparation workshop #1

  • Assemble survey steering team at your institution

  • Become familiar with Survey deliverables

  • Work on assessment plan


  • August 19: Register for online preparation workshop #1

  • August 25 at 1:00 PM Eastern: Online preparation workshop #1 (option 1)

  • August 30 at 2:00 PM Eastern: Online preparation workshop #1 (option 2)

September 2022


  • Prepare Institutional Review Board documentation (approval dates subject to local IRB timetable)

  • Decide which survey items to select

  • Decide on survey customizations

  • Determine which campus populations to survey


October 2022


  • Register for online preparation workshop #2

  • Complete Decision Spreadsheet (DS)

  • Complete Local Question Spreadsheet (LQS)


November 2022


  • Register for online preparation workshop #3

  • Finish obtaining IRB approval or exemption

  • Review and approve survey instruments and messages


December 2022


  • Spam preparations

  • Finish final review of survey instruments at the direction of the MISO Survey Operations Manager


  • TBD: Online preparation workshop #3 (option 1)

  • TBD Online preparation workshop #3 (option 2)

  • December 9: Complete spam preparations

  • December 9: Inform MISO if your institution has a DKIM record in place for their own instance of Qualtrics

January/February/March 2023


  • Email list preparation

  • Final preparations for Survey, full dress rehearsal, and finalizing Campus Announcement message from CIO/Librarian

  • Survey launch (fourth week of Spring semester)

  • Questions from survey respondents

  • Survey close (sixth week of Spring semester)


After the Survey


  • Review local results delivered to you through

  • Closely examine full MISO Survey Results

  • Analyze and interpret Survey results; share with campus community

  • Provide feedback about Survey