After the Survey

Shortly after the MISO Survey closes on your campus, you will receive summary reports for each surveyed campus population and raw data files from the MISO Survey Administrator. In early summer, you’ll receive access to MISO Survey Results, our online platform to view and compare survey results. In addition, CSAs may create accounts in MISO Survey Results for key stakeholders at their institution so that they can also easily access survey results.

Once you receive your results, examine them closely, identify findings that are relevant for your institution, share these findings with your colleagues, and act on them as appropriate. As a reminder, Bryn Mawr College owns the Survey data. Distribution and ownership of Survey data is governed by the Information Sharing Agreement.

Provide feedback about survey instrument and administration process

After the Survey is complete, your MISO Survey Team Liaison may ask for your feedback about the Survey and the process. Please make a few notes as the Survey is being administered so that you can share your thoughts with your liaison. We need your help to improve the Survey and the administration process!

Pay MISO Survey invoice

You will receive an invoice for the MISO Survey on December 1, unless you have made an arrangement for an invoice in advance. The MISO Survey Team asks that you submit the invoice for payment as soon as possible and let us know if your institution requires any additional information (inclusion of a Purchase Order number or a W-9 form).