Send Campus Announcement Message

To be sent 3 days before the Survey launches

The very first message about the MISO Survey will be an e-mail from your CIO or Librarian to all members of each population you’re surveying. This e-mail is sent on the Monday before the Survey launches at your institution, and is sent by you using your campus broadcast e-mail system.

This message alerts community members that the Survey is coming, explains its local value to your institution as well as its national purpose, asks for campus participation, and associates the Survey with a senior member of your campus community. It is an important message, and it’s critical for it to be sent on time. 

Please remember to BCC survey at on this message (or forward a copy) so that the MISO Survey Team has a record of your message.

Sample message

Email: [CIO/Librarian email address]

Name: [CIO/Librarian Name]

Subject: [Organization Name(s)]

Dear [FirstName],

Later this week, you will receive an email from [CSA Name] asking you to participate in a survey for [Organization Name(s)]. The results of this survey will let us know what services are most important to you, what areas of our service need improvement, and ways we can best meet your Library and Information Technology needs. Not everyone is being asked to participate. I hope you will take the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact [CSA Name] at [CSA email address].


[CIO/Librarian Name]

[CIO/Librarian Title]

[Institution Name]

Important information

Do not use the word “survey” in the subject line — doing so will reduce the number of people who read the message.