Submit E-mail Lists

Due the first Friday of your institution’s Spring semester

A key element of your technical preparations is a list of email addresses for each campus population that you wish to survey. Most institutions send three lists—one of student e-mail addresses, another of faculty e-mail addresses, and a third list of staff e-mail addresses. When constructing your faculty list, be sure that each individual on the list is part of an academic department and teaches curricular courses. When constructing your list of undergraduates, be sure that each individual on the list is enrolled full-time. Also be aware that your list shouldn’t contain undergraduates age 17 and younger. When constructing your list of staff, be sure that members of the IT and library organization (or merged organization) are excluded. Institutions that choose to survey additional populations, such as graduate or professional students, should also send a list of e-mail addresses for members of those populations. (Please be aware that institutions choosing to survey additional populations will be subject to a $800 additional fee.)

Although your administrative system can produce a list of e-mail addresses for each population, you may also need to consult stakeholders on your campus (such as the Registrar or members of your HR department). Allow plenty of time for these conversations with campus stakeholders.

Submit your lists using either an Excel or CSV document. Each list should include the following information in the order listed:

All teaching/research faculty (including instructors / adjuncts)

Enrolled full-time undergraduate students (age 18 and older)

All staff (excluding library and IT staff)

For each special population

Please ask the MISO Survey Operations Manager (survey at if you need help determining what data to include in these lists, or if you have any other questions.